• Break up, Spring and mud

    Even though there is still snow on the ground it is starting to feel like spring.

    The ice is breaking up on the creeks and rivers and the snow is melting and our dirt road has turned to mud. This area is expecting some flooding because all the ice and snow will probably melt quickly and overwhelm the streams.

    fly fishing
    Missouri River in Craig Montana. I dipped my hand into the water and Yes its cold.

    With all this mud I’ll go through at least 2 more rounds of floor rugs. And, this weather makes me yearn for the one thing I miss from a sticks and bricks house… a mud room.

    But, checking the Missouri River up in Craig makes me long for summer.

    full time rv living
    Exit to Craig Montana

    Hassell and I are both ready to fly fish again. And, we plan to wade fish and rent a boat this year, rather than go out with a guide. A day spent on the river is about the most relaxing way to enjoy spending time outdoors. Plus, the thrill of catching a fish keeps me motivated and focused.

    The horses…

    full time rv living
    Chili says, “Hay there!”


    We are traveling with our two horses and their paddock is a muddy mess. I haven’t been able to clear all the manure out because it was frozen to the ground and breaking it loose with a shovel started to do a number on my shoulder. So…I will a fun time cleaning up this week since the temps have warmed up.

    I’ve been back in the saddle and its taken a toll on my back so today at 5:00 we both have chiropractic appointments.

    Thankfully good Chiropractors haven’t been hard to find.

    full time rv living
    The Missouri River

    A lot of my back problems are injury induced but since we’ve moved into the RV and left all our stress behind my back is giving me fewer and fewer problems.

    In fact, my overall health has significantly improved since hitting the road.

    Pugsanimal wonders, “Where’s all the snow?”

    Amazing how that works!

    Thanks for Reading!


    Best Travels!




  • Spring?


    full time rv living

    It’s March 8, 2018

    Hi everyone! I sit here looking out the RV window hoping for spring but all I see is a lot of snow on the ground.

    But, the temperatures are slowly warming up. I barely need a jacket because the temps are hitting over 40 degrees during the day this week. The horses are starting to shed and I’m ready to put their fat, furry butts back to work.

    And, once they are back in work I’m ready to put them up for sale.

    Everyone asks me, “What do you do for money on the road?”

    I say, “I’m a writer. I have a blog and I publish romance books on Amazon.”

    But, the next job that will have my full attention is getting these horses ready to be sold.

    So, the next few months of posts will center on Chili and Socks and the ongoing saga of traveling with horses.

  • Rude is Better than Dead

    full-time RV safety


    I may be getting ready to hurt some people’s feelings in this post. And, if I do remember I’m writing this post to keep you safe. There are times in your life when you have to leave your polite social conditioning behind and become a little rude. Sorry, its just the way life works anymore.

    And, the time I’m talking about is when your Personal Safety is in jeopardy.

    Here are my 10 basic tips. They revolve around being aware of your surroundings, paying attention, and not being afraid to say, No.